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21/03/2019 4:55 pm  

Hey Everyone!

We just launched Stagelight 4.0.8 today on all platforms.  This was a quick patch to 4.0.7 to include a few quick bug fixes.  You can get it from our website or from your favorite app store.  Enjoy!


Stagelight 4.0.7/4.0.8  Change log


General Stability/Enhancements:

-Fixed Audio Block size change bug

-Android: Notch support options in settings for pre pie devices

-Android:  Fixed on-screen keyboard fro closing on pie based samsung devices 

-iOS: Fixed Touch Menus getting stuck

-iOS: Fixed certain AUv3 plugins from crashing during load/unfreeze

-Import Song Fixes

-Several GUI Updates/Fixes

-Android ANR Fixes

-Over a dozen potential crash fixes

Sequencer Enhancements

-Timeline pattern editing improvements

-Fix for saving and loading User presets for 3rd party plugins

-Paste tool will now stay selected after first paste

-Can now record pattern automation with linked MIDI CC's

-Fixed Print Automation options

SampleVerse fixes

-SFZ Import fixes

-Recording fixes

-Play Grid button fixes

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